Art, travel, street photography and more.

Escape from Sainte Anne

A collection of diptychs taken in the abandoned Sainte Anne prison in Avignon.
19 images

Urban Ephemera

Here today, gone tomorrow. Capturing the old before being covered or replaced by the new.
51 images

Street Photography

Taking the camera to the streets.
221 images

The Fog

Moving around in the fog constantly hides and reveals parts of the surroundings.
16 images

Avignon Archives

Avignon documented in photographs since 2013.
227 images

Bucharest by Day

Bucarest du jour
29 images

Bucharest by Night

Bucarest du nuit
62 images


Escaping gravity is easy for one thousandth of a second.
32 images


Mixed, remixed and other digitally altered images.
47 images

Grenoble miniatures

Grenoble en miniature
12 images

Driveby Romania

Exploration from inside a car.
73 images

Cretan Cats

Cretan cats live on Crete island, Greece, acting all indifferent and unaffected until they will require your attention.
22 images


As far as the eye can see. Focus distance to infinity.
112 images

The Paris Year

One year of living in Paris, 2009 - 2010
154 images

Night Riding

Journée de promenade à vélo aux alentours du Grenoble sous une nuit américaine.
18 images

Andrei Iancu, photographe et videographe Avignon. Photographie de rue, de voyage et artistique. Street, travel photography and more.