Content with #chania

Chania lighthouse hexagone

Cretan cat attack!

Cretan cat will have love now, no point in fighting it.

Chania port whirlpool

Cretan cat in its natural setting

Is that fish you're having?

Cretan cat street relaxation technique

It's all about relying on strangers' ability to watch their steps.

Cretan cat doesn't miss a thing

Cretan cat knows posture.

Late night shopping in Chania, Crete

The road cafe

Flowing green river

Nature always finds its way back.

Transparent seating

Customers, Chania old port, Crete

Souvenirs on display, Chania, Crete

Downward street, Chania old center, Crete

Pottery, Chania, Crete

Street photography, Chania, Crete

Heading towards the sea, Chania, Crete

Street in Chania's old town

Cretan dog siesta

The pursuit of purses


Pharmacy and other shops

Cheese, pork and olives

Please don't step on the cretan cat

When nap time arrives cretan cat could not care less if this is a passage.

Food prep

Sun/shade on the beach

Light traffic

Chania streets I

Car vs moped

Sitting in the sun

Two sides

There are always two sides to a cafe.

Bus 11

Newspaper stand

Air conditioning is important


Sunset beach at night, II

Sunset beach at night

Human statue and mini human statue

Enjoying the sunset in the port of Chania

Port and lighthouse in Chania

Night popcorn

Cretan cat congregation

Cretan cats own the street.

Cretan cat fits here now

Cretan cat always fits.

Cretan cat knows how to blend in

Cretan cat always finds the perfect place to either blend completely or really stand out.

Cretan cat people watching

Relaxing and watching people passing by is one of cretan cat's favorite things to do.

Cretan cat will hypnotise you

Stay still and look into cretan cat's eyes. Not around the eyes, into cretan cat's eyes.

Cretan cat wants your love

And you will stop when cretan cat allows you.

All cretan cats are black at night

Cretan cat is not a watchdog but looks good posing as one.

Cretan cats looking towards the light

Still deciding if they want to walk into it or not.

Cretan cat will require at least three tables

But all the tables you have will do.

Cretan cat has sixth sense

Cretan cat feels a presence. Do not turn around.

Cretan cat enjoys the sun

There's plenty of fish in the sea, but all the fishermen are still out fishing.

Cretan cat thousand mile stare

Glamour shots are cretan cat's specialty.

Cretan cat takes a nap after coffee

Caffeine will probably kick almost 10 minutes off cretan cat's 18 hour sleep routine.

Cretan cat relaxing

Might require your attention later. Do not disturb for now.