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City: Berlin Amsterdam The Hague Paris Lyon Toulouse Barcelona Geneva

Welcome to the Europe Tour page, where you can view pictures taken from my trips to various cities of the old continent, also known as Europe, with some tidbits of information regarding each city. Personal impressions and such.

These images were long time available to family and friends and now I decided to share them with the world. They aren't meant to be ground breaking stuff, you'll still need one of those Lonely Planet guides if you want to make the most out of your trip to any of the said cities. That's my little disclaimer for anyone thinking this is a travel guide. Better call it a travel journal or something more personal.

While each city had it's own share of "lots of pictures", I applied a bit of self censorship on my part and shortened each series to 24 representative shots (for me, not the city -personal, remember?-), the same you would get from a 24 exp. film roll.